I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Holistic Wellness Life Coach, and Spiritual Adviser.

I come from a long line of natural born, very gifted psychics.

With my intuitive gifts, extensive training, and experience, I can help you bring everything together to experience deep peace of mind, confidence, empowerment, and health.

I can help you  to live your brilliance, dissolve any blocks or patterns holding you back.

If you have challenges with healthy eating or weight issues, I can help you breakthrough feeling stuck and unmotivated.


I am a trained and experienced:

Natural Born Empath, Psychic and Animal Communicator
Certified Holistic Nutrition
Certified Life Empowerment Coach
Certified Spiritual and Prosperity Coach
Board Certified NLP Master (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Board Certified Master Hypnotist
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Osui Reiki Master
Board Certified Karuna Reiki® Master
Board Certified Avesa Quantum Healing™ Master
Certified Pranic Healer

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These free MP3s are a sample of some of the tools I can use in your session with me.


“What Hypnosis Is And Is Not”

Track One
answers so many myths about Hypnosis, removes fears or misunderstandings and explains things in an easy to understand way.
There are tremendous benefits to understanding the language of your mind and how to work with this to serve you in what you want to have, do and be in your life.

Track Two
takes you into a very deep and peaceful relaxation.
Along with soothing your mind and body, you may even find yourself so deep  in calmness that you reach a level of healing deep within  cellular rejuvenation.
It has been scientifically proven, that at a very deep level of relaxation, healing can occur.


“Grounding and Centering”

Five tracks of guided meditations and visualizations to relieve stress, ground and center your being.

Contact me  about a link to these additional Mp3 downloads:

“Inspired Motivation”

Guided steps to a creating a personalized, positive anchor to empower you with a power button to use at any time!

“Become A Lucid Dreamer”

A guided step-by-step process to becoming a Lucid Dreamer. This MP3 also has a book with personal Lucid Dreamer experiences.The book, “Lucid Dreamers Among Us.” is available on Amazon.com.

Easily Letting Go Of Weight”

Guided steps to help get you started to let go of undesired weight.

It is best utilized together with the “Inspired Motivation” MP3.


My expertise can also help you to improve your existing relationships, bring you together with your life partner, and advance the other areas of your life.

I use time proven methods, techniques, and tools for successful results with my clients.

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I help clients worldwide via phone, skype, and in-office sessions.